Get Swamped in New Orleans Plantation Country

Juxtaposed with  10 touring plantation homes in New Orleans Plantation Country, are the swamps, bayous, marshes, and lakes offering their own view of life in Louisiana. Set against a backdrop of moss covered cypress trees and exotic wildlife, the stories of the swamps take shape. Learn about Julia Brown, a voodoo priestess who as legend states cursed a small town with a deadly hurricane. Enter the territory of Big Al - a 13ft alligator who reigns over his own harem.  Yes, New Orleans Plantation Country offers more than plantation homes. It also offers the chance to get swamped.

Views of the swamps can be seen all throughout New Orleans Plantation Country, even from the main interstate, I-10.  Yet, several area tours provide easy access to the heart of the swamps where the flora and fauna truly put on a show.  Swamp tours in New Orleans Plantation Country include:

  •  Swamp Adventures  - This thrilling ride through the swamp is fast enough to thrill yet slow enough to take it all in. Guides with years of experience, illustrate Louisiana’s nature, culture, and heritage. Travel to the domains of several large gators while hearing tales of the swamp.  Transportation available from New Orleans. Accommodations for both large and small groups
  •  Cajun Pride Swamp Tours - Drift along the Manchac Swamp on a covered pontoon boat while learning about local wildlife and the mysterious town of Frenier.  The legend of Voodoo Priestess Julia Brown is recollected in a great detail by knowledgeable captains who know their way around the meandering canals.  Opportunity to hold a baby gator on every tour!  Transportation from New Orleans available. Accommodations available for both large and small groups.Airb
  • Airboat Tours by Arthur - Witness Louisiana’s waterways on an exhilarating airboat ride. Marshes, canals, and bayous provide a diversity of lush views. Experience a moss covered cypress forest buried deep in the swamp. Watch for Big Al - the 13ft gator, who’ll pay a visit right to the boat. Accommodations available for both large and small groups.
  • Wild Louisiana, LLC - Experience Louisiana’s ecosystem in a kayak or canoe.  This trek is perfect for the truly adventurous yet safe for even beginners. Explore the once thriving logging community of Ruddock, now a ghost town while gators and other wildlife are on display. Each guide is an experienced outdoorsman, versed in survival techniques, boat safety, and knowledge of the local habitats.  Tours include photo workshops and fishing charters. Transportation available from New Orleans.
  •  Pleasure Bend Nature Tour - Enjoy an intimate view of Lake Des Allemands on one of the region’s most visited lakes. Bordering several parishes, this large lake is teeming with wildlife and history. From fishing to sunset cruises, each tour is customized to provide the ideal experience for each visitor.

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Jo Banner, MA
New Orleans Plantation Country
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