Hauntings and Ghostly Sightings

As one of the oldest and most storied regions in America, it’s no surprise that New Orleans Plantation Country claims a long and rich piece of Louisiana haunted history.  For generations, residents and visitors alike have encountered earthbound entities, whose spirits have somehow –and for some reason – remained behind.  Perhaps not unexpectedly, several of our majestic plantations, harboring ancient tales of the Civil War, lost love, and sudden tragedy, are among the area’s most popular locations for ghostly sightings. 

In fact, some of the haunted plantation history here is so compelling, that a well-known team of investigators has visited New Orleans Plantation Country to analyze it firsthand.  Two of our most famous plantations – Oak Alley and San Francisco – have been professionally investigated by the International Society for Paranormal Research.  Led by renowned field parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz, the ISPR team conducted investigations at both properties to determine if they are actively haunted, and to learn about the entities that inhabit the homes.

ISPR first conducted an investigation of the hauntings at Oak Alley Plantation in 1983.  In 2003, they returned with a more sophisticated team of investigators, including professional Clairvoyants and state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras.  During the investigation, Dr. Montz’s team did observe several entities.  Among them, they encountered the ghosts of some Confederate soldiers, who were standing out in front of the property at the time.  The plantation’s spirits also include a 6 year-old boy, a young girl around 14 years-old, and several of the original women who owned and ran the house.  In addition, the staff at Oak Alley has experienced poltergeist phenomena.  According to one of the plantation’s guides, one tour group watched as a candle in the mansion’s dining room was thrown several feet across the room.

In 1996, the ISPR team first discovered that San Francisco Plantation is also actively haunted.  As they did at Oak Alley, they returned in 2003 with a larger team of investigators and used thermal imaging cameras at the property.  They not only experienced the home’s primary entity, but managed to capture phenomena on their thermal cam.  In doing so, they confirmed what has long been believed … that the ghost of Charles Marmillion – one of the sons of the home’s original owner – does in fact haunt San Francisco Plantation.

All over the world, stories and myths and legends about hauntings are told, passed down and believed to be true.  But some of the most beautiful and historic estates in New Orleans Plantation Country offer more than just hearsay and ghost stories.  Here, paranormal experts have proven that there are actual haunted plantations in Louisiana.