Ormond Plantation - An Historic And Interesting Setting

Pre-dating the Louisiana Purchase by over a decade, this beautiful mansion is the oldest French West Indies style Creole Plantation on the Mississippi.  The land upon which Ormond Plantation rests was awarded to a Frenchman for his service during the American Revolution.  The Spanish Governor of Louisiana gave Pierre d’Trepagnier a tract of land which once stretched from the Mississippi River to Lake Pontchartrain.  D’Trepagnier constructed his home on the property, establishing Ormond Plantation in 1789.   

Located in the heart of Louisiana’s German Coast, Ormond Plantation history dictates that it originally began as a farm for indigo, like other early plantations of the area.  Later, it switched to “white gold” – the more profitable crop of sugar cane – and the plantation prospered.

There have been a handful of mysterious occurrences at Ormond Plantation.  The first took place in 1798, when d’Trepagnier was called away from a family meal by a servant to meet with a gentleman assumed to be a Spanish official.  The plantation’s owner left with the man, but never returned.  No trace of him has ever been found.  Sadly, d’Trepagnier was not the only owner to have met with a strange or tragic end.  Perhaps, then, it is not surprising that Ormond Plantation is said to have a ghostly resident…

For visitors who wish to make their stay in New Orleans Plantation Country, the Ormond Plantation B & B offers guests a relaxing stay in an historic and interesting setting.  Stroll the grounds, walk through the home, and savor the atmosphere of the 19th century as you gaze upon the mighty Mississippi River from the plantation’s upper gallery.  For those seeking the perfect, Southern venue for a wedding or other private event, Ormond Plantation is ready and available to make any special occasion unforgettable.

Just nine miles from Louis Armstrong International Airport, visitors can be transported back in time, to a place where the history, the hospitality, and the grandeur of the Old South is alive … at Ormond Plantation.

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