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Great River Road National Scenic BywayLouisiana's Great River Road National Scenic Byway runs through New Orleans Plantation Country at the front door of our grand plantations. This journey through the scenic route along both sides of the Mississippi River will not only take you directly across the path of Destrehan Plantation, Ormond Plantation, San Francisco Plantation, Evergreen Plantation, Oak Alley Plantation, Laura: A Creole Plantation, St. Joseph Plantation, Poché Plantation, and Houmas House Plantations & Gardens, but it will also lead you into a vibrant, historic area, full of museums, amazing Louisiana dining, cultural enclaves and a host of characters as mysterious as the Mississippi River in this Delta region. 

New Orleans Plantation Country Oak Alley

Visitors are treated to views of the mighty Mississippi and glimpses into the past during captivating tours, along with hands-on history, swamp tours, and catching blues, jazz and gospel of the region. As you trace the voyage of explorers before you, spend some time off the beaten path on the Great River Road.

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